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Teens can be a difficult age for skin. Lots of hormonal changes. The impact on emotions can take their toll too. So before you go see your GP or  dermatologist do come and see the experts at CHANGES.

Our facials aim to inspire and  educate and help to establish good routines that are going to ensure healthy skin through their lives.


Call us to see if its suitable for your teen

Clean start Facial advice education .......................$50

Sweet 13 or 16 or any age! SPArty! book your teen and her friends for an informative FUN filled afternoon in the Spa where our therapists will teach the girls skin care and makeup. ...$89 each


Teen & Princess

Pampered Princess Spa Packages


Spa Package one:                                                                                                                   $35.00 per girl 

Get pampered with a mini Manicure & Pedicure. 

Pedicure are done on the spa chair, foot are soaked, Toe nails are cut, shape, buff Polish with regular polishes.

Manicure includes; Nails cut, shape, buff polish with regular polishes.



Spa Package two:                                           

$45.00 per girl


Get pampered with glamourous Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure.

Spa Pedicure.

Pedicure start off with a soak in our spa massage chair, Toes nails cut, cuticle work, shape, buff, exfoliation of the feet, massage and a regular polish.

Spa Manicure includes; Nails cut, shape, buff, cuticle work, hand massage and finish with a regular polish.

Princess Polish

$10 Hand/Toes

Regular Polish paint for your Princess

Water Treatment Wide
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